Friday, September 21, 2012

Sewing Machine Monster

I have made some good progress on my quilt and I now have a hefty little stack of squares waiting to be sewn together. I bought a sewing machine a couple of months ago, took a class on how to use it, and figured it should be a breeze to pop a few squares together and call it a productive afternoon.

Alas, I do not remember how to use my sewing machine. I made some great straight lines with holes punched in my fabric, but the thread wasn’t going through the holes (yes I threaded the needle, that’s not the problem). 

I am convinced my sewing machine is a living being and its needle is really little teeth tearing at my fabric and crushing all of my hopes and dreams. Evil monster.

I decided that if I could figure out how the machine works, I could make it work.  Nope. Taking it apart made me more confused. And I am pretty sure I didn’t put it back together right.

I tried cussing at the machine. Outloud. 

And in case you were wondering… that didn’t help either. Although it did make Eisley hide under the bed.

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