Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Squirrels vs The Gang

As you all know, I love animals. A lot. Obsessively. I love their cute furry faces and their sometimes funky smells. I even want my own farm one day!

But... there is one type of animal that is now on my bad list. Squirrels.

When you think of squirrels you may smile at their little ears, laugh at their bushy tails, or love to watch them scurry around yards. However, when I think of squirrels, I see this:

The squirrels in my yard have DESTROYED one of my favorite plants. It is quite sad.

You may remember Juniper and The Fuzzy Navels... a succulent family that was given to us from Ross' mom.
I loved these little guys and nick-named them "The Gang" for short.  After some love and sunshine, they outgrew their little green pot and had a home in this:

Every morning I take The Gang outside to sit in the sunshine, and every night I bring them in for "bed." I try to limit their exposure to potential rain fall and predators. Like evil squirrels.

Well, this weekend, I left The Gang outside while Ross and I went for a quick errand. I have notice some slight nibbles on the leaves of The Gang and a couple of my other plants in the past, but thought it was a minor issue. However, I came home, to this:

The squirrels had dug around inside the pot, throwing my little plants around and destroying their roots. I said a few bad words (sorry Mom!) and cleaned up the mess, taking care of the few little plants that remained.

A couple of days later, Ross and I went for another quick trip out... you would think I would have learned my lesson, because apparently those squirrels are SMART! They wait until we leave the house, and then... ATTACK!!! We came home to an empty pot, with dirt all over the porch. I cried. (And didn't take a picture because it was too sad.)

As I was cleaning up the mess, I found one little plant that survived the attack. Barely, but he did survive. Despite missing half of his leaves and having significant bruising from the ordeal, I popped him into his own little pot and hopefully we will make it.
And then there was one.

The lesson I learned? Squirrels are evil. And my plants can now only have supervised sunshine time.

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