Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Short Goodbye

As this blog has mostly been about our two-year journey to Portland and back, I decided that as we close that chapter and dive into a new one, a new blog would be appropriate.  As we clean up our old apartment and (hopefully forever) say good-bye to landlords, I will be finalizing Cross Country Kate and stacking it away in the archives. I will of course keep it live and may occasionally dust off an old post as reference for a new project, but I hope you will regularly join us at our new blog as we start our new journey.

Introducing Backseat Boone:

Thursday, October 4, 2012


You may remember past posts around this time of year talking about Cyclocross season and the joys it brings to the Bowden household.  Fall weather brings rain and mud, cooler temperature and seasonal beer and with all of those things comes cyclocross- my favorite type of cycling.

After 2 years of training in true cyclocross style in Portland (see a video here to know what it is all about, Ross is excelling in the Cross season here, and has placed 3rd place in the Pro category the past two weeks, winning $20 each time. Come on Pudding!! Bring home the money!    

As I have loved watching Ross race cyclocross over the past 3 years, I decided that this year I would throw my hat (helmet?) in the game, and would compete in my first race.  Unfortunately I picked a day where is was pouring rain and the course was a complete mud pit. Not the ideal first cyclocross race experience.

Most races are divided into categories, Cat 4/5 being the beginners (ME!) and Cat Pro/1/2 being the experts (Ross) and Cat 3/4  being in the middle. Unfortunately for me, the women’s category at this specific race was an “open” race which meant all women raced together.  And to make things just a bit more interesting, they allowed the Juniors (ages 13 – 17) to race with us too.

Now you may think that Juniors racers wouldn't be a threat. Ummm you thought wrong. Junior racers are tiny devils on wheels. They have absolutely no fear of wrecking (or wrecking others)… it is as if they are made from rubber and just bounce back up when they fall. I learned the hard way (twice) that when I hit the ground in races, I do not quickly bounce back up.

So despite racing in a pack with Pro women, being nearly trampled by a pack of Junior riders, getting lapped by a 12 year old on a cruiser bike, and crashing twice, I still got third place…. third from last that is (that is 23rd out of 25 riders).

A few hours later Ross totally kicked butt and clinched third place (for real third place, not pretend third place). Hey, at least there was some consistency in 3’s.  However, Ross swears  he was proud of my performance and thinks I did great, especially considering I had never ridden in the mud before.

Days later, now that I have had time to reflect and heal from my bruised knee and bruised ego, I have decided that yes, I will race again. But maybe next time I will wear spikes on my shoes and kick at any juniors who try to pass me.